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ADOPTION STORY: Buddy, The Family Favorite

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We cannot get enough of heart-to-heart adoption stories. We love sharing these tails with our pet lovers. If you have a story, feel free to email: hope@royaltradeusa.com.

Our next story comes from Di, who felt as if her pooch, Buddy was “the one.”

When I first saw Buddy, his name was Owen and he was on Facebook. I'd started following a no-kill shelter in Oshkosh, WI about 20 miles away from our home that a friend was a co-founder of. He looked a lot like the other pup we had at the time, and told my husband I thought he'd be a good match for our house. The other pup we had ended up having a congenital GI issue where she couldn't keep food down & was getting recurrent aspiration pneumonia. She passed shortly after her first birthday.

We drove down for their Christmas fundraiser and to meet "Owen." Someone else had expressed interest him, and was picking him up that day. I told the shelter that if things didn't work out, they should call me.

My phone rang 3 days later. The lady who'd adopted him had been attacked by a dog a year earlier, and thought she was ready for a dog. But, when it came down to it, she wasn't. Was I still interested? Of course!

It was Christmas Eve and I told them I'd be there the 26th after work.

Buddy was 9 months old when we got him. He'd been found as a malnourished stray in Kentucky in mid-November. His ears were scabbed from having to fight for food. The shelter in Kentucky had had a 95% euthanasia rate...but all that changed when they partnered with the no-kill in Oshkosh that November. Owen/Buddy was deemed to be a good fit for the program and got shipped north.

I called the shelter in Kentucky and asked the woman that answered if she remembered a pup named Owen that had been there in November. She did. She told me how skinny he had been. She almost cried when I told him he had a new home with kids and a big yard in Wisconsin.

Let’s fast forward to July…Buddy was a family favorite. He'd started out as a runner, but we trained that out of him. We had a huge party at our house, and discovered that Buddy loved babies & little kids - he even lied by my friend's 8-month-old daughter while she pulled his ears & tail...and licked her toes.

In August, my husband and I moved 1500 miles away to Las Vegas and Buddy rode on the front seat of the Penske truck for 3 days to our rental house.

We bought a house here a year later, with grass that Buddy loves lying in. And, our friends have a 6-month-old boy who Buddy thinks is his personal responsibility to babysit.

We don't know how or why Buddy ended up a stray…or how long he was on the streets. But that shelter in Kentucky made a great decision to partner up with a no-kill hundreds of miles away, saving his life and at least dozens more. He'll be 3 years old next month, in March...and if that shelter hadn't chosen to send him north, I don't believe he'd be alive today.


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