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ADOPTION STORY: George, The Kitty Without Eyes

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We’ve continued our next pet adoption story with Joni from Michigan. Her kitty George continues to be amaze his owners in several ways despite not being able to see.

My family runs a cat rescue out of our home called Cat Nap Lodge. A friend of ours takes care of a colony of feral cats near her home. She called me one night in May, 2013 to tell me that one of her mama cats left a young kitten at the feeding stations and he was very sick. We immediately picked him up to see what we could do.

George was very tiny, less than 8 ounces, and had upper respiratory issues, as well as both of his eyes were completely gunked shut. We took him into our vet and put him on antibiotics and eye drops. During the following months, George was on a variety of treatment plans and different antibiotics, but in the end we were unable to save his eyesight. George had both his eyes surgically removed in October, 2013.

Now, don't feel bad for this tiny kitten.

George has more self confidence and personality than any cat we have had at the Lodge. We decided from the beginning that we would keep George and make him part of our family. He quickly gained a following of his own and now he represents our rescue. George goes to all of our adoption events and greets everyone who visits. He is our Spokescat and Educator and he helps us inform the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

Nothing bothers George. If he can reach it, he will climb it. If he can hear or smell it he will investigate. He has a remarkable memory and navigates his way around our home with ease. His favorite game is to wait around the corner for unsuspecting felines or people and pounce on them as they walk by.

He has been on top of the refrigerator and up in the cupboard. He watches birds outside the window and greets us when we come home. All in all, he is an amazing cat!


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