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ADOPTION STORY: Lois Lane, The Lovely Pooch

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We have another adoption story for your pleasure. It comes from Christy of Kentucky. Her tail is about her pooch Lois Lane. We’ll be posting her second next week. If you have one to share, e-mail: hope@royaltradeusa.com.

Lois Lane was a planned adoption about three months after we lost Rudy. When we choose to adopt a dog we always go through rescue societiesunless the dog finds us first, as in the case of Hard and Blue. We found Lois through the Shamrock Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to end pet overpopulation, reduce the number of companion animals destroyed in local shelters, and to save or enhance the lives of animals in need in our community. They accomplish this by relying on foster homes for the dogs and cats they bring in, as they do not have a physical shelter to work out of.

Lois Lane had wandered onto a farm in the summer of 2006 and had a litter of puppies. She was then turned over to the Shamrock Foundation where she was fostered for several months. The foster home she was staying in wasn’t working out very well, as two of the resident dogs there did not care for Lois and they had to be kept separated.

When we decided to bring her home for a week trial basis to see how she got along with Blue and Hardy--our other 2 dogs at the time-- we learned that if our home did not work out for Lois Lane, the foster home was going to have to give her up. Sometimes when that happens, the foster dog ends up back in the shelter due to lack of foster homes for them to be turned over to.

Luckily, Lois was a perfect match for us and our dogs. Lois Lane has a crazy personality and is probably the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had. She has special games that she plays with each member of the family and she plays these games on a daily basis. For instance, when I walk in the door from work, she greets me and then runs as fast as she can to jump in my office chair. There, she will sit until I come over, ask her to shake and tell her to get out of my chair. Even if I go upstairs to change first, she’ll sit in that chair until I come down and chase her out of it. Lois also loves food, loves to run in the back yard, loves to watch (and chase) squirrels and adores her humans.

In 2009, Lois had a severe case of pancreatitis and we almost lost her. After 2 weeks in the vet ICU

and several thousands of dollars latershe pulled through and to this day is doing fantastic with meds and a strict diet.

She still rules the roost!

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